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European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association

Herbal medicine under threat!
Please help to preserve it!

The Department of Health has recently consulted on the statutory regulation of herbal practitioners but the Government continues to delay on going forward with this vital legislation.

If herbal/traditional medicine practitioners do not get statutory regulation by the time a new European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products comes fully into force in April 2011, they will lose the right to prescribe many commonly used herbal medicines and patients will be the losers because they will lose access to a wide range of herbal medicines currently available. In addition, these changes may force many herbal practitioners and their herbal suppliers out of business. Crazy!

Statutory regulation will ensure continued supply of quality assured herbal medicines and high-grade practitioner training as well appropriate regulation of the profession. Statutory regulation is in the public interest!

For this reason, we ask that you write or contact your MP as soon as possible and say that “no other arrangement than statutory regulation of herbalists will meet your needs.”

If you care about herbal medicine, please do not miss the opportunity to support this ancient and priceless healing system.

Please write and say “Herbal practitioners must be statutorily regulated as soon as possible.” Say also “No other arrangement than statutory regulation will meet my needs!”

If you are writing to your MP, please also add a personal reason for supporting statutory regulation (e.g. “I use herbal medicine” or “I find herbal medicine effective to treat many ailments etc”). In this way you will personalise your reply and so ensure that it is included in the count of those writing in and emailing in favour of statutory regulation of herbal medicine.

The Department of Health has promised statutory regulation of herbal medicine and acupuncture (carried out together) over the past ten years. A previous public consultation by the Department in 2005 had a 98% public response in favour of statutory regulation. Please ensure the Government lives up to its promises by writing to support its introduction as soon as possible.

Statutory regulation will ensure that practitioners are properly trained and regulated. It is clearly in the public interest!

Please don’t delay – write in support of statutory regulation!

Thank you very much for doing this...

About Herbal medicine

Did you know that herbal medicine is one of the most ancient forms of medicine, used the world over?

Today scientific research is backing the traditional use of remedies that have been used for thousands of years. For example, research now indicates that St John’s wort is effective for mild and moderate depression, ginger is good for nausea and valerian and hops can help you sleep. Although, of course, natural doesn’t guarantee safe, most herbal remedies have a gentle action on the body/mind and in the hands of a skilled herbal practitioner herbs can do much to restore a weakened or overburdened system.

In December 2008, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a statement on Traditional Medicine. This says:

WHO and its Member States cooperate to promote the use of traditional medicine for health care. The collaboration aims to:
  • support and integrate traditional medicine into national health systems in combination with national policy and regulation for products, practices and providers to ensure safety and quality;
  • ensure the use of safe, effective and quality products and practices, based on available evidence;
  • acknowledge traditional medicine as part of primary health care, to increase access to care and preserve knowledge and resources;
  • and ensure patient safety by upgrading the skills and knowledge of traditional medicine providers.

Gaining statutory regulation will ensure these aims are met in the UK.....

The European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA) was founded in 1993 when it became clear that, with the development of the European Union, the legislative framework under which herbal medicine was practised in the UK and Europe was likely to undergo radical change. It is an umbrella body which represents professional associations of herbal/traditional medicine practitioners offering variously western herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, Ayurveda and traditional Tibetan medicine. The EHTPA is dedicated to the development of herbal/traditional medicine, preserving and enhancing the legal basis of practice across EU Members States and promoting best practice throughout the traditions.

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